Clear on Calories

Calorie Education

In February 2011, the industry launched Clear on Calories, a front of pack caloric labeling initiative designed to help Canadians understand the caloric content and serving size of the beverages they were choosing.  This initiative is currently rolling out across the country.

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With Clear on Calories, Canadian beverage companies are changing the calorie landscape for consumers, making labels easier to read by moving the calories from the back of the package to the front and providing full serving details. Key to the initiative is an understanding of Canadians need for clear, consistent and more user friendly caloric information and the government's desire to take meaningful steps to promote healthy active lifestyles which includes making informed beverage choices.

The Clear on Calories initiative will provide clear and consistent disclosure of caloric information on front of pack, on vending machines and on fountain beverage dispensers. The information will be prominently displayed using a standardized label format in the following ways:

  • The beverage industry, whose leading companies include Canada Dry Mott's, Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada, Cott Beverages Canada, Nestle Waters Canada and PepsiCo Beverages Canada, is also committing to continue reducing the beverage calories in the marketplace through innovation, smaller portion sizes and further marketing of their low-calorie beverages.
  • The Canadian beverage sector has a long track record of promoting a balanced healthy lifestyle and for helping parents make informed beverage decisions for their family.  Clear on Calories builds on the Industry Guidelines for the Sale of Beverages in Schools which removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools across the country and the sector's product innovations that has already significantly reduced the amount of calories in the marketplace.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight requires balancing calories taken in to calories used throughout the day. Clear on Calories makes it easier for individuals and families to understand caloric intake from beverages and make informed purchasing decisions.