Calorie Education

In February 2011, Canada’s major non-alcoholic beverage companies changed the calorie landscape for consumers making labels easier to read by moving the calories from the back of the package to the front and by providing full serving details.

The beverage industry is proud to be a leader in this voluntary initiative, which has since been adopted across other consumer packaged goods.


Clear on Calories is a voluntary, national Canadian beverage industry initiative that makes the number of calories in Canadian Beverage Association members’ products even more clear and consumer-friendly, helping Canadians to make informed beverage choices for themselves and their families at every point of purchase.

The new information labels began appearing on store shelves in late 2011 and all participating member products contained the new information tablet by the end of 2013. Vending and fountain drink dispenser labelling will continue to roll out across the country.

What is the Clear on Calories Labelling Commitment?

To help consumers better understand the calories found in member products, the calorie counts will be displayed in the following ways:

    • All single serve beverage containers, up to and including 591 ml, will display the total calorie count on the front of all containers,
    • Multi-serve packaging for beverages, larger than 591 ml, will be labelled per 355 ml serving except for 100% juices, juice beverages, sports drinks and bottled water as per Health Canada’s requirements,
    • Juices and fruit drinks will be labelled per 250 ml serving size,
    • Sports drinks and bottled waters greater than 750 ml will be considered multi-serve and will be labelled per 500 ml serving size.
  2. COMPANY-CONTROLLED VENDING MACHINES: Total calorie counts per container will be displayed on selection buttons (or when infeasible, in close proximity to the specific selection)


Consistent Calorie Label Design and Placement:

To meet the objectives of this initiative, members will all use a uniform tablet that communicates the calorie information of the product in an easy to read visual. SHAPE: A tablet shape will surround the calorie information to enhance the prominence of the calorie label.

PLACEMENT: The calorie label will be clearly visible to consumers on the front of the package. This initiative recognizes Canadians’ desire for clear, consistent and more user friendly caloric information on the beverages they consume.

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