Recycle in Erin

CBA and Town of Erin joint public space recycling pilot project

The Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) partnered with the Town of Erin in 2017 to launch a joint public space recycling pilot project with the aim of increasing beverage container recycling and reducing litter throughout the town.

The pilot project started with a waste audit that assessed how well residents have been recycling in public spaces and established a baseline for further comparison. Following the waste audit, the CBA and the Town worked closely together to select several types of public recycling bins and strategic locations for their placement.

In August, the Town began the installation of 87 recycling bins in various locations, including Main Street, Centre 2000 and McMillian Park. With this new recycling infrastructure in place, the CBA and the Town then commended a promotion and education campaign on Aug. 17 to inform residents about the project and encourage them to recycle in public spaces.

In September, the CBA will work with the Town to conduct another waste audit to see how much recycling has improved following the installation of the bins and the completion of the promotion and education campaign. The results of the second audit will be included in a final report that will gauge the project’s success and provide guidelines for the Town to keep improving recycling in public spaces.

The pilot project is modelled after the very successful Recycle Everywhere program operated by the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association in Manitoba. This program has increased the beverage container recovery rate in the province to 70%, up from just 42% in 2010, through a combination of improving access to public space recycling bins and targeted education campaigns.

For more information about the Manitoba program, visit: