While we work hard to produce beverages that consumers enjoy, we also care about what happens to beverage containers in the long run, which makes recycling a key component in the industry’s environmental mission.

Two primary strategies are used in Canada to recover beverage containers from the waste stream:

  • Comprehensive Collection Systems: cost-effective and convenient for consumers. This includes curbside recycling programs.
  • Deposit Systems: more costly for consumers and targets only 2% of the waste stream.

For an inventory of waste diversion programs in Canada, see Environment Canada’s Extended Producer Responsibility and Stewardship


The beverage industry provides choices through a variety of convenient packaging options that consumers enjoy, but packaging is more than just an attractive bottle or can. It protects the integrity of the product, ensures safety and long shelf life, and provides information to consumers.

The beverage industry understands the importance of producing packaging in the most efficient way possible to work toward building a circular economy. That means using less packaging wherever possible, using recycled materials and providing 100% recyclable packaging to consumers. We also employ these same principles for the packaging used to protect, transport and display our beverages.