Packaging Innovation

Beverage Bottles are Highly Recyclable and Recycled at High Rates, Including the Caps

PET is a valuable plastic that helps fund recycling programs across Canada. Currently, there is not enough recovered PET to meet market demand. Recycled PET is used to make new products and packaging, which reduces the need for raw materials, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and supports jobs and growth in the circular economy.

Packaging Innovation

Use of highly recyclable PET containers; introduction of lighter packaging, increased recycled content; renewable plant-based PET containers

Water Conservation

Implementation of new technologies

Fuel Efficiency

Use of fuel-efficient vehicles and fuel-saving technologies throughout the trucking fleets of CBA members, as a way to reduce GHG emissions

Commitment to Recycled Content

Individual company commitments to increase recycled content in packaging as capacity expands for processing collected PET back into food-grade PET.


Bottle caps are recyclable too. Whether you’re returning a container for deposit, or recycling it in a blue bin, recycle it with its cap on to make sure the material is collected, processed, and keeps its value in the circular economy.